Banjo Assault:
"We go outside and play the banjo."


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"We go outside and play the banjo."

Banjo Assault started in 2011 on the streets of Northampton MA as ensemble dedicated to primarily outdoor performance. Banjo Assault aims to play in unconventional spaces and settings, exploring relationships of performer, environment, and experiencer. The project expanded its scope to include more conventional performance spaces, including Sharon Arts Center (NH), Uncertainty Music Series (CT), Opensound (MA), Thing In The Spring (NH) in addition to weekly outdoor performances in downtown Northampton. Recent releases include Up Up Down (Inn Studio Recordings) and Christmas Tape (Hidden Temple Tapes.)

Transcriptions are the process of a literal aural transcription of a work of primarily non-art music origins and it’s reappropriation into a musical score for free instrumentation. The composition style allows for performance parameters to be decided upon at the time of performance. Collections of Transcriptions scores are available from New Edition Publications. Current work involves text based Transcriptions published on Twitter and Instagram.